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Support Forum

There is a thriving Support Forum where you can get answers to your questions, participate in lively discussions and find out more about the activities of Barrett’s Oesophagus UK.

The following links may also be of help and interest:

    • Barrett’s UK A directory of all support groups and information available specifically for Barrett’s oesophagus in UK.
    • Down With Acid Website of a free encyclopaedia produced by our sister patient support charity Barrett’s Wessex.
    • 2 Million Reasons Campaign. Through the Cancer: 2 million reasons campaign, cancer charities are calling on all political parties to commit to improving research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for people affected by cancer today and in the future.
    • Action Against Heartburn – consortium of charities promoting earlier diagnosis of oesophageal cancer.
    • British Society of Gastroenterology – for healthcare professionals
    • Core – the digestive disorders foundation, a charity for research and information on gut and liver disease.

Further Links include: